Manufacturing Cybersecurity: Protecting Manufacturing against Cyber Security Threats

Manufacturing organizations know they must keep production lines running. Any impact to business continuity with production downtime impacts the ability to deliver a product or service.

Manufacturers are heavily targeted by ransomware

Manufacturers are seen as more likely to pay ransoms to prevent production downtime. This perception, combined with their overall cyber security posture relative to other sectors, continues to make them prime targets.

How Mandiant helps address this challenge:

With Mandiant, manufacturing organizations can better prepare for the convergence of IT and OT systems with improved threat awareness and expanded knowledge of attackers. Help maintain business continuity by hunting for threats and boost the ability to monitor, detect and respond threats to enable strong recovery strategies.

Keep Production Running

Keep production running

To maintain business continuity and secure your network infrastructure and supply chain from disruption or degradation, you can engage a Cyber Defense Assessment, Red Team or Penetration Test to evaluate your team and cyber security process. You can work with designated Mandiant threat intelligence experts to build a full cyber security program and pair that expertise with Mandiant Advantage Security Validation to give you confidence in your readiness to withstand adversaries.

Protect Intellectual Property

Protect intellectual property

You can understand the threat actors that target your intellectual property with Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence. Engage with skilled, experienced consultants to assess your cyber security posture, secure Incident Response Services to and to develop recover plans and strategies so you can prepare and respond to threats.

Protect against Ransomware

Protect against ransomware

Ransomware is a high-risk threat for manufacturing. Ransomware attacks and multifaceted extortion can cause serious financial and supply chain impacts. Know how to better defend against a threat with a Ransomware Defense Assessment and have a plan in place with an Incident Response partner. You can also amplify your existing security team with Mandiant Managed Defense.


Manufacturing & Supply Chains: Understand the Threat Actors, Risks and Defenses September 20, 2022 at 2:00pm EDT

The current cyber and political climates are exacerbating the threats posed to the manufacturing sector and their supply chains, leaving many security teams asking what they can do to protect themselves.

In this webinar, Keith Lunden, Mandiant’s Cyber Physical Threat Analyst, will cover specific threats to the manufacturing industry and manufacturing operational technology (OT). Attendees will gain an understanding of the different types of threat actors targeting manufacturing environments, how their activity can disrupt industrial manufacturing operations and recommendations for countermeasures.


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Manufacturing & Supply Chains: Understand the Threat Actors, Risks and Defenses September 20, 2022 at 2:00pm EDT

Solution Brief

Protect Mission Critical OT and ICS

Solution Brief

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